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I'm kinda in the mood to color a cover... I've been reading the new releases from One Manga, so I've missed out seeing alot of the newer chapter covers. Any Suggestions? O:
I got so tired of looking at that old entry. I'll be in Raleigh Memorial Day Weekend for Animazement with my all the usual posse; I just wish Boston was a different weekend so I could go there too! Next cons will be AMA, Otakon (btw AA tables are open), AWA, NYAF, and Nekocon.
...I really want to draw a pic of Naruto, but nothing's coming out right ><
Yikes! Yeah, I'm very bad at updating my journal if you couldn't tell >.< I haven't had the chance to update my deviant art account yet since I haven't really finished any recent artwork for my own enjoyment... It has all been for others (commissions, conventions, etc.) Speaking of which, I am attending Anime USA in Arlington tomorrow! I was in charge of character designs and badge art this year (with a sentai/power ranger theme to it). I finished 3 flyers and 9 badges and my art jam friends :iconronin013:, :iconwingsofnina:, and  :icontapart: , finished the rest.

I'm not sure whether or not to put these in my gallery, but here are some of my favorites for now:

Anime USA mascot flyer:…
Anime USA teamates flyer:…
Villian flyer:…
Attendee badge:…
Guest badge:…
Senior staff:…
Gopher badge:…
Dealer badge:…

If you're coming to Anime USA, please be sure to stop by and say hi ^^ I'll also be going to the Anime New York Festival in December with my other usual partners in crime
:iconfatpuppy:, :iconrotten-and-diseased:, and :iconobidesuka:
Well,  2006 conventions schedule for me is now over. Anime USA was awesome!...  mangaman13 ,  Wingsofnina , tapart , and I drove up to Tyson's Corner last weekend (with  RONIN013 tailing behind us) and basically lived in artist's alley the whole time. Two of our friends were in charge of the alley this year, and they did an excellent job! They kept the place super clean and orderly, and even made food runs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner :3
Sunday afternoon, I went to a portfolio review and I got to talk in length to Jo Chen, one of my favorite artists. After the review, she again talked to me and my friends behind her booth, giving us lots of great tips :3

As for future cons, I am going to try to go Katsucon in February, and then Animazement, but that's not till the end of May (which is why I want to go to Katsu, so I can see my friends before that ^^).

All in all 2006 was great and I hope 2007 will be just as good X3
Well, the first convention of the year for me is this weekend, which is Animazement in Durham, NC~ Thus begins my third year of conventions :O

Animazement will also be my first convention to host a panel... *gulp* I will be hosting the Photoshop Coloring panel Saturday morning. Wish me luck, and be sure to stop by and say hi in artist's alley :3
Happy New Year Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been as active as I'd like to be. Some of you know I've been very busy these past few weeks, and perhaps you might have noticed a signature change in my latest picture... As of January 6, I am now officially married! ^____^ I never thought I was the marry'ing type, but neither did my husband... Everything just kinda fell into place. Cheeeese, I know! X3

In other news, Best Buy is now selling karaoke cd's with my covers on them! It was so cool seeing them  in the store *_* If you're in Best Buy and bored, just look for cd's with anime type character's on the covers in the karaoke section. Also, if you read Anime Insider, in the February edition look for my illustration for the "If it were anime" section. It's a Napoleon Dynamite drawn in the style Cromartie High X3
Wow..I had such a great time at Otakon this year; it was so nice to see all of my friends again! I felt a little isolated sitting in the far right corner of the alley, but I was so busy I hardly noticed. It also helped that people would come to visit me ;3

I also met a really nice lady by the name of Ayaka who wanted to feature my artwork on her website...I feel so honored to be in the same company as some of the japanese artists featured on her site ^_^ You take take a look here:
The interview should be up soon as well...the only thing that bothered me a little is the fact that some of the pics she chose for the site are really, really old XP

I also got word today that I'm doing another 3 images for the karaoke project!:…
Of course, like the others, it's really last minute... I only have a week to finish them, yikes >.<; Well, at least I don't have to draw any backgrounds ;3
I'm leaving early tommorrow morning for Otakon; be sure to stop by and say hi if you go! I'll be sure to write up a little report after I get back (and hopefully post some more art) :3
Well, for my first time going to Anime Mid Atlantic, I had a blast! Everyone was so nice ^^! I rented the room with 5 others that were also in artist's alley, including fellow deviantart members, , rotten-and-diseased.deviantart… ,and my honey, :3.

The layout of the con was a bit funky, with the artist's alley split into 2 different halls, each on separate floors. I had a downstairs table, which closed at 6:00 pm on Saturday for cosplay (T_T), but luckily we managed to snag a table upstairs for the rest of the night.  Sunday was spent finshing the rest of our commissions and taking a break to browse the (very small) dealers room. I didn't see anything I had to have though. Perhaps Otakon will have a larger selection ^_~ Again, thanks to everyone who helped sort out the typo on Otakon's site; I know alot of artists that feel very relieved needless to say.

Here are a few of the pics I drew while I was at AMA; I really enjoyed doing them; the commissions I got at this con were very fun to create. The pictures taken with my camera came out alot better than Animazement, but they're still a little washed out: ...This wasn't a commission; I drew Sasuke when I first got there before most people arrived. I'm thinking of turning it into a cg; dunno yet though (have to get through my list of 50 milion other sketches for pics to decide).…, Muugen from Samurai Champloo. The guy who commissioned me was a big fan of watercolors. He asked what character he thought would look best with the medium, and we decided on the unpredictable Muugen, even though he had never seen the series! Hooray for fluffy hair!… from FF8. I've never drawn anything from Final Fantasy before, so it was a nice change of pace to interpret him  on paper. I was happy how he came out; especially his gunblade ^^ The person who commissioned me wants me to draw a Sephiroth for him at Otakon, so we shall see >:3

I've already pre-registered for next year's AMA; it was only 15 dollars! Now, I just need some rest ^^;
For those who are planning to rent a space in artist's alley, the registration is finally up!

Also...I have a question for those who are familar with the rules. Attending last year's Otakon was a last minute decision for me when I was asked if I wanted to share a space with another, so I personally never rented a table. I noticed the rules state that Fan Art isn't allowed. Has this always been the case? I know people have different opinions on what is fan art...Some people think that it is the copying pre-existing pictures. All of my pictures are "original" works of art using pre existing characters. Will this be allowed?
I had a great time at this year's Animazement,; it was so nice to meet some of you! ...I think I had a better time than last year because I didn't overload myself with commissions, and just enjoyed talking with everyone (and finally getting to go to the dealers room). The only thing I bought was an artbook by one of my favorite character designers, Atsuko Nakajima. Lots of pretty pictures by many different series :3 I was debating to buy a couple other things, but I figured since I'm going to Anime Mid Atlantic next week (!), I could probably find the same things if I change my mind. I've never been to AMA; hopefully I've have just as much fun as I did for Animazement ^^

Here are a couple of commissions I did at the con....I work in watercolor, and unfortunately the flash on my camera was on a high setting and totally washed out the pictures I took of them ToT

Sakamoto Ryoma from Peacemaker Kurogane; I loved the character when I saw the series a while back, so I was happy to get to draw him ^^...again, his skin (and everything else) is totally washed out in the picture;_;

Random original character...Oh my goodness, the guy who commissioned me for this gave me literally a one page description for what he wanted O_O ...Thankfully, I think he liked it because he asked me later on for another commission (I was already booked up for the rest of the con, however)

After AMA, my next con will be Otakon...thankfully, my new job is awesome (I get to name my own hours for the most part) so I will be able to go :3
A huge thank you to everyone who commented on my question! ^^ I feel alot better now....I guess it all started with a few certain someone(s) in my life that told me that they prefer my cel style much, much more than my realistic stuff (to the point where my brother told me I shouldn't do realistic at all O_O; ). It's nice to know that tastes are, in fact, varied :3

To all Naruto fans, did you know that there is a convention just for Naruto fans?! I just found out about this yesterday...OMG I want to go, but it's at the opposite end of the country in California ^^;  .… am really thinking about going >.>

Here's a preview for my next pic...It's going to be cel style for those curious X3
Well, school is almost over for me (forever O_O), and I'm getting excited for this upcoming summer/con season! I plan on going to Animazement and Anime Mid Atlantic, but Otakon is still up in the air. I'm also really excited to get back to drawing again without the rammifications of procrastinating my other work >.>;

And now for the question! I've been getting alot of feedback from friends about my artwork, and in general they say they prefer cel style in comparison to realistic shading. So, I'm just asking  anyone passing by; what do you like? I'm really torn between the two and can't decide.  I don't usually think about which direction I'm planning on coloring until the lineart is finished.  :O
Eep, Sorry for such a long period between updates; I have not had time to do anything with a new job and all XP

Here's the Naruto cover's for the last month:…………

I just found out recently that I will be able to go to Otakon!! yay~! *so excited*
I'll be sharing a table with my friend Danny, so if anyone's going, be sure to stop and say hi! ^_^
Well, since Inane had to wait a bit before they could get decent scans of this week's raws, I managed to finish 3 covers, including the cover that was most voted for when I ran that little survey a couple weeks ago, which is chapter 85 ^_^

So here's chapter 85:

chapter 218:…

..and chapter 219 (which I had to clean up more than any other cover T_T):…
Wow, I had a blast this weekend...
  I didn't arrive till late on Friday afternoon, but there was still plenty time to wear my costume that day and sit at artist's alley...I met quite a few people that recognized my stuff too *flattered by the compliments* X3 I had stayed up all night on Thursday (because I needed to finish the naruto cover for last week), so I slept like a log Friday night....only to wake up a few hours later to hurry up and get a table in the artist's alley...I hated the fact that you couldn't reserve the tables (first come first serve). :p

  Saturday I was so busy doing commissions I sat there the entire day only to get up once or twice for bathroom breaks ^^;  A wonderful person gave me a hat fashioned after the sleeping cap Naruto wears in the show, and my friend gave me an excellently crafted metal sand country headband to wear with my outfit (ah, I'm not worthy of such gifts! *bows* @_@)

I slept (more like napped) for about 2 hours Saturday night and woke up early again to get a table on and my friends were the last ones to leave the alley...we kind of took on too many commissions, ^^; After leaving, In celebration of our very successful weekend,  my friends ans I ate at a japanese steak house where I ate sushi and was entertained by the chef who cooked on the hibatchi in front of us X3
Got home at about 1 am completely and utterly exhausted (I felt like I was going to pass out walking back to my apartment @_@)...I actually do feel kind of sick right now too, I hope I didn't catch anything from the convention ^^;; the pictures ^^
Pic of me and my Temari costume (new manga version) ^_^:…

Chapter 217 cover:…
Muahaha! One more week till Animazement! *Bounces* ....Arg, I have so much stuff I do too! I want to draw a pic of Link in his new costume before I go, and I need to hurry up and finish my Temari outfit (new version) heheh >:3

Oh ya, Here is and this week's cover for inane ;3… <216 (Gaara)
Hehe, I think most people know by now Nintendo's realeasing a realistic shaded Link game...I'm so estatic! The updated outfit is great to; it looks very LTOR inspired ;3

I finally gathered all of my covers and pages colored for the Naruto manga and out them all under the scraps option, so go take a look at the new pages for this week ^_^ I just *had* to color page 19...heheheh
*Edit* I was just informed by a friend that I'm not allowed to upload them on DA ^_^; So now they are deleted, sorry ^^;

*edit again* Here are the links to the 2 new colored pictures:……

At the end of the month I get to go to Animazement in Durham, NC, yay! I'm so excited, this will only be my second convention...Anyone else going? ^.^
Whoo~ finals are finally over for me ^_^; Now time for work XP

Thanks to all who responded for the pick a cover post....I finally decided on one, but I'm keeping it a secret until I color it, which won't be till later this week.
Well, considering that there is no Naruto manga this week *sniffle*, and my last final is Friday, that leaves a little time for me next week to color something. So~, what I would like to know is what Naruto cover (1-213) would you like to see colored? You can just leave a one word answer if you want, no explanation needed. ^_~